Our approach

Engagement model

Every business is unique, so we believe that every customer requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers are facing with regards to business software and it’s lifecycle. Through our experience, we have evolved methods and processes to facilitate a collaborative engagement with our clients to drive innovation, solution roadmap, integration strategy, application management, process re-engineering etc. Our Engagement Management model helps us to “standardize” entire delivery model and secure “sold” solution is translated into solution delivered with business value for our customers..

All our projects are handled by an Engagement Manager, where his overall role is to handle oversight of the customer relationship management process from beginning to end and beyond … meaning beyond the current engagement. Most providers/organizations think they’re operating in this mode with their ‘account managers,’ but in reality, they’re really basically sales staff who remain in contact with the customer trying to up sell additional services and software. What we embrace is something entirely different and requires deep competence to understand our customers business and culture, it’s related business processes and systems.

Three principles of Engagement

“We need to look beyond legacy of the past, and think forward, to which the term “Next Practice” becomes the learning spot”.

To deliver best-in-class-solutions you need to master the combination of people, system and process. They are our three-main principle of an Engagement.


The traditional “Best Practice” approach assumed that processes working in one company also would work in another, without considering how organizational culture or people’s behavior could affect how systems was configured and processes defined. After many years in the business we have seen so many examples of how this assumption has caused problems in the daily operation of a company. The human aspect and organizational culture needs to be aligned with solutions implemented and processes defined. So, we engage with your organization to understand how these aspects can affect the processes and solutions designed. Challenging you with our experience is of course vital to deliver a cost-efficient solution. Logical and obvious you might think, but unfortunately not always the case in the software- and consulting business. So we take cultural and company specific behavior and requirements and embedding them into our solutions.


Defining integrated business process in a PowerPoint is one thing, delivering it with full system support is something totally different. Some processes can be performed within one application, while others are more complex and might involve several applications. Being able to model these processes and delivering it with full system support is not always trivial and might require new systems.

@Arribatec we include the process as an integral part of all we do, and are even able to deliver systems to give you system-support to the processes. Process delivered = business value.


Different systems can be implemented in diverse ways meaning that the solution delivered can vary from customer to customer. Standardizing processes and solutions will always be an objective, also within our methodology, but we can’t ignore people and it’s impact on process when designing how solutions will be implemented. This requires extensive experience on the system side to be able to configure and, or customize to deliver an integral solution.

Solutions are not software alone, but how one software package are implemented, integrated and pulled together to serve the end-users in a positive and efficient way. @Arribatec, we don’t deliver software, but solutions only!

Integrated systems and processes with full system support working within your organization– digital solutions delivered! This is digitalization in practice the Arribatec way.

With focus on our three principles of Engagement, we turn IT into strategic tools, by driving; design, implementation, customization, development, integrations, support, and rolling-out Digital Business Solutions to our customers. Or digitalization in practice the Arribatec way…

From Engagement to Digital Solutions delivered!